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Pro-Composites is the supplier of parts and plans for the Vision.



Vision SP - sport aircraft, acrobatic capable


Vision EX - more useful load


Vision LSA - It's plans built - so you if you built light enough, and slow enough, it should meet the specifications of LSA and fly on a Sport Pilots license.


There are various methods and materials used in building aircraft today.  The major benefit of the Vision aircraft is that is made primarily from composite materials. 


A composite structure makes the use of two or more different substances with varying structural properties and combines them to make a structure that is tailored to meet the structural requirements of the designer.  With composite construction a synergy of each individual property occurs and if done correctly - lighter and stronger structures are created. 


If you are interested in this fascinating construction process then order a set of plans or a kit and get started today!


Home building aircraft is a hobby that will challenge you with learning a new skill, aeronautics and physics (in layman's terms) and eventually the joy of flying something you built.  It is not easy but with diligence and a willingness to learn you can complete the Vision aircraft from your own garage or hanger.  Are you ready to take up the challenge?



Yellow Bird


Vision 2